Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Computer Security

All live Servers are Below 

This is a list of live Servers At DC1

(LIVE)(Server Status)(LIVE)

{{Internal Service}}((((IRC:6667--6697))))

(Bitcoin Miner clone *2:8333)

VPN--ASK for port access ||DC-{{Internal Service-DC-link}}(((DC||Bridge||Mesh-NET /G/erternet VPN Server )))

RDP-Gateway-- Ask for port Access

CS-GOSteamServer--Ask For port Access

(Minecraft-Server :25565)

((([[Cell Service $20.00-per-month]]((((PBX-SERVER-SIP-IP-VoiP-SOFT -TEST-MODE:5090::5060))))

Soft-Live Test in effect 

active Service Will be added amended when live 

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